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Mission Statement

Our mission is to introduce the Asiatic Black Nation to the firearms culture, laws, safe handling of firearms, self-protection, competitive shooting, hunting, survival skills, and associated activities.  IRTGC will provide firearms education and training to all ages. IRTGC will work within our communities to bring about unity, strengthen our families, and improve quality of life in our communities. We promote positive change and self-reliance. The IRTGC stands firmly on the commitment of knowledge of Self, education, unity, and self -advancement in our communities


Edward Rogers III---Facilitator

the history
Red Tail P-51, indy, volunteer, history, about

In spite of adversity and limited opportunities, African Americans have played a significant role in U.S.  military history over the past 300 years. They were denied military leadership roles and skilled training because many believed they lacked qualifications for combat duty. Before 1940, African Americans were barred from flying for the U.S. military. Civil rights organizations and the black press exerted pressure that resulted in the formation of an all African American pursuit squadron based in Tuskegee, Alabama, in 1941. They became known as the Tuskegee Airmen.


Tuskegee Airmen, indy, red, tails, history, about

The Tuskegee Airmen overcame segregation and prejudice to become one of the most highly respected fighter groups of World War II. They proved conclusively that African American could fly and maintain sophisticated combat aircraft. The Tuskegee Airmen's  achievements, together with the men and women who supported them, paved the way for full integration of the U.S. military.



The Tuskegee Airmen flew the Red Tailed P-51C Mustang pictured above.

The Mustang first flew in October 1940 and went into service in July 1942 with the RAF and later in 1942 with the U.S. Army Air Force. The Mustang served with distinction well into the 1960’s with the Dominican Republic flying them in active service until 1984! 


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