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Join us in volunteering to assist our community.
One of the ways we serve our community is volunteering with Meet Me Under the Bridge Inc.
If interested, contact us!

Who They Are

We are a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization/ministry that helps feed and clothe homeless people living under the bridges, along with sharing the love of Jesus in word and deed. Our non-profit group is dedicated to aiding those less fortunate who live on the streets. We meet weekly to feed and clothe the homeless and to spread GOD's unconditional love. It's all about the love. Our goal is to let them know about the love of JESUS and that they matter to HIM. Glory to GOD

Their Program

We serve hot meals every Sunday on the street in Indianapolis, IN at 3:00pm. We meet up at the Hardees located at 921 E. Washington Street in the parking lot between 2:30 – 2:45 pm every Sunday. We go over some ground rules and safety tips to our volunteers, then pray together as a group. Then we caravan over to serving site. The serving site is the parking lot across the street from Hardees. We have a short church service at 3 pm then serve a hot meal and fellowship.

Friendly Reminder

Dress for the weather. In winter, several layers are better. Forgiveness 1 Never go help the homeless by yourself outside the group. Be Safe! Don’t give out anyone’s personal info or cell phone to the homeless. Please leave purses & wallets locked up in car. Please don’t bring cash to gathering. Label your utensils and containers so they don’t go home with someone else. Never promise a homeless person something and not follow through. They remember and hold on to what you promise. Volunteers with Children – Please keep an eye on your children, while down at the gathering. We don’t know the backgrounds of our friends that come to the gathering. We encourage you to bring your children but ask that you trust your instincts to watch over them while around the homeless. Men, please watch over all the women and children too. We hear many stories from the homeless and we have to keep a discerning heart and remember to rely on the Holy Spirit and prayer before thinking we should use our own money to fix their problems, especially since we don’t have enough to share evenly. We need to teach them to rely on God and prayer before money to handle their issues. If we don’t carry money on us, we won’t feel bad about not being able to give them cash. We can always address specific concerns later as a group and see how we can help. When you talk with the homeless, always talk to them on their level and never down to them. If they are sitting, sit with them and talk. Look them in the eyes. Looking forward to seeing you and the privilege of serving with you on the mission field!

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